13th Street Update: Road Open and Canal Work Progressing

13th Street near Telfair Street has been opened to through traffic with one lane in each direction. The roadway should remain open until the completion of this project. Expect work to continue north to Reynolds Street with one lane closed in each direction for the next few months. Expect traffic delays through this area.

13th Street Update: Concrete Work Continues

Work continues at the canal bridge near Telfair St. The bridge work is almost to the stage where the roadway can be opened. We anticipate that one lane in each direction on 13th Street will reopen prior to the Masters Tournament. The outside lanes along 13th Street between Walton Way and Reynolds St. will remain closed. A lane shift will continue on the Savannah River bridge as you approach Reynolds St.

13th Street: Canal Work and Demolition

The outside lanes of 13th Street between Reynolds Street and Telfair Street will continue to be closed. This will affect the traffic coming into Downtown Augusta from North Augusta and South Carolina. Expect traffic delays and a longer commute along this corridor. 13th Street at the Augusta Canal near Telfair Street will continue to remain closed while bridge and embankment work continues over the canal. A detour is in place and expect traffic delays in the area. We are anticipating this portion of 13th Street over the canal reopening to through traffic prior to the 2024 Masters Tournament in April.

13th Street Update: Canal Work Continues

Work continues stabilizing the Augusta Canal embankment under 13th Street. 13th Street at Telfair Street will remain closed into March for these construction activities. Detours are in place and expect traffic delays for the next couple of months.

13th Street Update: Block Closures

On 13th Street between Greene Street and Ellis Street, both directions of travel will be closed during the daytime hours for construction work. The roadway will reopen each evening until the next morning. This closure is expected to last the remainder of this week until Friday, January 12, 2024. A detour will be in place during the daytime hours. There will be significant traffic delays in this area. Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes if possible.

13th Street Update: Shoulder and Canal Work Continues

There was a delay in the specialty contractor arriving to do the canal work on 13th Street at Telfair Street. 13th Street between Telfair Street and the Augusta Canal will remain closed into 2024 through the winter. The street should open to full traffic prior to the 2024 Masters Tournament. Expect outside lane closures along 13th Street between the canal and Walton Way for the next few months. Shoulder work and demolition will continue along 13th Street between Broad Street and Telfair Street into winter 2024.

13th Street Update: Project Construction Extends Beyond Telfair Street

13th Street near Telfair Street will remain closed and a detour is in place. The street closure has been extended until February 2024 due to the availability of the specialty contractor and materials. On 13th Street between Telfair Street and Broad Street, the outside lanes will be closed for shoulder infrastructure demolition. Expect heavy traffic delays along this portion of 13th Street through the spring of 2024.

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